Is green man game legit?


Are you also planning to buy games from Green Man gaming? many gamers have asked me if they can trust Green Man Gaming platform to buy games. whether it is a good idea or not. Is Green Man Game legit? Usually, those gamers who don’t have enough money or don’t want to spend much money to buy games are asking this question. If you are planning to buy the games then you will find several online stores at your disposal. In these online stores, you can buy many games and their keys easily. Some of them are costly and some of them are cheap. You should not buy from any online gaming store just because they are giving games at a cheap price. Trust factor plays a big role here.

Some online stores are more trustworthy than others. one such online gaming store is Green Man Gaming which offers games at a low price. Like you, I was also searching for legitimate value to buy games from them. I did a lot of research and I hope that this will help you too.

About Green Man Gaming platform

Green Man Gaming is a British-based online video game retailer. Green Man Gaming offers more than 7000 games from more than 660 publishers. Green Man Gaming sells games in 195 countries and 90% of its revenue comes from outside Britain. Green Man Gaming was discovered by Paul Sulyok and Lee Packham in 2009. GMG officially started selling games in 2010. Sulyok previously worked as CEO OF Prize Fight, an online gaming platform. In 2011, Green Man Gaming expanded its services in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, and Greece.

A large number of games in the catalog of Green Man Game is for PC. GMG also offers some games for Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and several PC VR platforms. Green Man Game is now so much success that it is being counted among the top online game selling platform. On the website of the Green Man Game, you can buy various digital games. On the storefront of GMG, you will find many categories like upcoming games, recently released games, bestsellers games, etc. Green Man Game also offers VIP membership to those who purchase a large number of games and have been loyal to GMG. GMG also has a forum where you can join and participate in the discussion on various games.

Published games by Green Man games

In 2015 Green Man Games published Black & White Bushido, Quell, Quell Momento, Quell Reflect, Idol Hands, Keebles, Switch Galaxy Ultra, Eternal Step. In 2016 Green Man Games published Square’s Route, Glitchrunners, The Black Death, Aporia: Beyond The Valley. In 2017 Green Man Games published Peregrin, War Tech Fighters. In 2018 Green Man Games Published Stable Orbit and Stormworks: Build And Rescue.


In 2015 many gamers accused Green Man Gaming of providing unauthorized keys. Although
Green Man Gaming refuted the claims publicly. The company said that because of huge demand from the customers they sometimes use third party vendors to offer keys for games from the publisher with whom they can’t work because of commercial reasons.

Sulyok said:

“We reiterate that we source our keys from a range of over 400 publishers, developers, and distributors to meet customer’s demands on a title by title basis.”

This controversy started on Reddit. Although one subreddit confirmed that Green Man Game is authorized to sell games from Electronics Arts, Bethesda, ArenaNET/NCSoft, and Developer Digital. Although many gamers remain faithful to Green Man Game. Gamer Jeff Caird said that He has been a GMG customer for years and spent over $1000 there. He had complete faith in them regardless of any issue because he never ran into any issues with them.  In a Facebook-post, GMG said that they will now also published the source of the key.

Is Green Man Game legit in 2019

I know many of you waiting for the answer to the question – is green Man game legit? The answer is ‘yes’. Green Man Game is completely legit in 2019. If you are buying the game from this platform than it will be as safe as buying it from steam. The price there is lesser than the most platforms. A game key is basically a 15 letter or number unique code that you can enter in order to access the game.

If you are purchasing a game from an online store then there is a high chance that the key gives by them wouldn’t work. At this time frustration rises up because you have paid for the game and it is not working. Many gamers have to face this problem. Apart from that, it may also happen that the key you get has already been redeemed by someone else. In this case, also your money will be wasted.

Green Man Game comes out as the reliable source for buying games. It does not matter if you are purchasing a new game or old game. In most cases, developers or publishers of games provide the key to GMG. This makes sure that you are buying your game from a legit store. Some third-party also provide the key on GMG. these third parties are authorized by GMG.

The money you pay here is far less than the money you pay at other online stores. The customer support staff of GMG is very nice. They will listen to all of your problems patiently and resolve them. if you have any key-related issue then their response time will be really quick. The website of Green Man Game is also very easy to use. GMG also offers some coupons so you won’t have to pay full price. Links provided by them are easy to redeem code. You will receive the key as soon as you make the payment. The deals given by GMG are the best available in the market.

The only problem with GMG is that they are provided a certain number of keys. So there are chances that you won’t get the key of your favorite game because Green Man Game ran out of keys. Although they get another set of keys within 1-2 days. so if you have patience and you can wait for 1-2 more days to buy the keys, than GMG is the best place for you. Although there are some cases when GMG couldn’t provide the key and you have to wait for several days. but these cases are very rare.

Green Man Game is partnered with sony, ubisoft, steam, capcom, Bethesda and a large number of other publishers and developers. They have offered some of the best deals over the past couple of years. You can also consider them to buy all of your favorite games as they offer chepest price. For instance games like Monster Hunter World could have discount upto 30%. Sometimes they offer an additional discount too on holiday seasons. In the holiday season of 2018, GMG gave 12% discount on all the items.


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