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Are you sick of all the old ringtones on your phone? New ringtones feel fresh and also act as a mood setter sometimes. But where to find the coolest ringtones. Well, we have the answer. We have rounded up the top 10 websites where you can download unlimited free ringtones.

What if my phone doesn’t support the ringtones

If you are using an android phone then there will be no problem. Android phones support mp3 files as ringtones. Therefore you can just download the ringtones to your phone and start using it.

iPhone users will have a little bit of a problem because iPhone uses AAC format files as ringtones and they have .m4r extension. so you will have to convert these mp3 files to AAC format before using them as ringtones on your iPhone. you can use filezigzag. it will convert the mp3 file to .m4r file.

What about viruses?

 This is a genuine concern. If you download ringtones from unknown sources, there will be high chances that your phone will be affected by viruses. To avoid this just go to any website as we mentioned below to download virus free ringtones.


zedge is the best website when it comes to wallpapers, ringtones, app icons and notification sound for your phone. the new feature also allows us to save the favorite ringtones in the personal list and access them using facebook. Zedge is the most famous website among android users. zedge contains very large numbers of free ringtones and downloading these ringtones is very easy. On its ringtones page, zedge contains trending ringtones. You can download all the ringtones for free. You can check the ringtone before downloading it. just click the play button. You will also find very interesting tags like hip-hop, guitar, romantic, Indian, western, etc. You can also find the rock, classical, electronic, pop, country music to match your taste. Zedge also offers an app for android and iPhones.


The ringtone site hosts a large number of ringtone files. It has divided the ringtones into many categories like Samsung ringtones, Nokia ringtones, iPhone ringtones, etc. It also has other categories like sad ringtones, comedy ringtones, DJ remix ringtones, SMS ringtones, instrumental ringtones. The ringtone site also offers an app to make things easier. You can find newly added ringtones in the latest ringtones category.


Cellbeat hosts more than 200,000 ringtones.  it has various categories like hip-hop, rock, classical, oldies, Latin, country, originals, reggae, funny and international, etc. it is extremely popular among android users. You can find your favorite ringtones by inputting keywords in the search bar. To download any ringtone just go to the free ringtones section and then hit “download this item” the ringtone you like. there are many funny ringtones that you can download for your notification. is also a great site for downloading mobile ringtones. also offers mobile games. helps android users in customizing their phones. it contains mobile games, applications, live wallpapers, and themes. All of them are completely free. it has very large numbers of ringtones to download. To download the ringtones just hit the download button.


The best thing mobile9 does, it asks the kind of mobile phone you have. This way you can be sure that the ringtone you are downloading will be compatible with your phone completely. Mobile9 hosts games, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. Mobile9 is one of the most popular websites among android users. it provides ringtones that are compatible with almost all mobile phones. Mobile9 also provides notification sounds and lets the user search by ringtone name or category.
every ringtone has a preview and download option and it also shows how many times that ringtone has been downloaded. As a free user, you will have to wait for several seconds before downloading any ringtones. This is the only drawback mobile9 has.


Melofania is one of the best website for downloading ringtones. The best thing about Melofania is that unlike others it offers ringtones for both android and iPhones. They both have their own download button. Melofania hosts some of the coolest ringtones that are available in the market. It also provides a slightly variant version of many popular ringtones. Like other websites, Melofania hosts many copyrighted ringtones. Users should be careful while downloading ringtones from Melofania. Downloading and using copyrighted material is illegal. Therefore we advise our users to avoid downloading copyrighted ringtones.


Audiko is also very popular among ringtone lovers. Audiko hosts many popular ringtones, notification sounds and alarm sounds. Audiko also allows you to create your own ringtones. You can create your own ringtones and share them with the world. this way if you don’t like the available ringtones you can always make your own ringtones. Audiko hosts millions of ringtones created by its users. you can find here a list of top 100 latest ringtones. On Audiko homepage you will find the latest most popular ringtones, fantastic notification tones and the most popular artist of your country.

Mytinyphone provides more than half-million completely free ringtones that you can download on pc or your phone. Mytinyphone provides several categories to download the ringtones as per your taste. Here you can find ringtones sorted by most popular, latest, rating. you can also filter the ringtones by all, today, this week, this month.


Tones7 hosts about half a million ringtones. It also offers mobile wallpapers. It categories ringtones in different genres like Alternative, jazz, Latin, blues, etc. On its homepage, Tones7 gives top available ringtones. Tones7 also has a search bar for you to find ringtone according to your choice. Tones7 is one of the most successful ringtones downloading website. All the ringtones are free to grab. To download the ringtones just click the play button and then hit the download mp3 ringtone button. It also offers the app.


Notificationsounds is one of the best website for notification ringtones. it offers ringtones in the form of alert sound. It does not host music clips, instead, it provides sound effects, alert sounds, Christmas sound, etc. Notificationsounds has a large number of tags. It has tags for Africa, alert, alarm, ambulance, football, frog, knock, laugh, guitar, bells, chimes, etc. Notificationsounds has categories like animal, Christmas ringtones, funny, message tones, sound effects, etc. You can listen to every ringtone by clicking the preview button and if you like the ringtone then you can download by clicking the download button. Notificationsounds provide three options for download mp3 file, m4r file, and Ogg file. Users can download as per their mobile phone compatibility.

Disclaimer: At Phonojack we do not encourage downloading of the copyrighted material. 


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